Interview with Morten Veland (Sirenia & Mortemia)

Mortemia Comes Back With Hauntingly Beautiful Compositions. It’s been almost ten years since ¨Misere Mortem¨ was released from the mind of Morten Veland, being a studio project only ¨Mortemia¨ has now an interesting twist into it. By inviting talented Heavy Queens to enrich the concept behind this new long production ¨The Pandemic Pandemonium Sessions¨ Morten […]

Oryad ¨Hymns of Exile and Decay¨ Album Review

Oryad – Hymns of Exile and Decay I have to be honest with you, guys. When I first read ¨metal opera meets gothic outlook and ancient rituals¨, I was not really excited, as yet other hundred metal bands have described themselves as such, so in an oversaturated market like opera – gothic metal, you have […]

Mutum Walks Steadily With ¨Centipede¨

Mexican Symphonic Metal Band Mutum Releases New Single ¨Centipede¨ is the name of the brand new single of Mexican Symphonic Metal band Mutum. With powerful and intense dynamics thoughout the whole song and a minimalistic video that does not overshadow what is important here: music well-done, this centipede seems to be walking to success. We […]

Anette Olzon Releases First Single for Upcoming Album

Former Nightwish Singer Announces Next Solo Album with New Single Called ¨Parasite¨ Along with a strong protest message Anette Olzon releases ¨Parasite¨ the first single from her upcoming solo album. Almost as a plot twist from ¨Shine¨ – her first solo album – we can hear a faster, more mature work on this first single, […]

Jinjer Announces ¨Wallflowers¨

Jinjer’s Upcoming Album ¨Wallflowers¨ Now has a Release Date. The Ukranian metalcore band Jinjer has recently announced the release of their upcoming album ¨Wallflowers¨ on August 27, 2021. This LP will contain 10 original songs of which one has already been released a couple of days ago – Vortex- A proggy ballad with dense pure […]

Tarja Releases ¨Singing in my Blood¨

Finnish Diva Tarja Turunen Announces the Release of a Photobook. Being the active singer she is, Finnish singer Tarja Turunen, along with most of the live music industry have been frustrated by the lack of presentations due to COVID – 19 pandemic. She has spoken out giving her posture on her instagram account claiming to […]