Heavy Queens is an online publication that focuses on promoting and spreading the musical journey of female musicians on the metal scene worldwide. 

We started as a small group of passionate writers from Los Angeles, CA who share the same excitement by listening and knowing more about metal female artists and female fronted metal bands, therefore we decided to share this for the love of empowering Women in Metal. 

By proposing dynamics and publications such as interviews, news, out-of-the-box quick questions, reviews, live reports, and YouTube playlists, we aim to get fans closer to their Heavy Queens and to create a larger network amongst them.

We’re a relatively new team and we’re always looking to expand, if you’d like to be part of our staff, don’t hesitate to contact us, As the ambitious passionate team we believe we are, we are expanding rapidly and wish to be one of the favourite source of information for the Female Fronted community.

Everybody’s welcome! Please feel free to visit our social media to check the variety of dynamics we have for you, and come back here whenever you like to check the latest information from all of our beloved Heavy Queens.