Mutum Walks Steadily With ¨Centipede¨

Mexican Symphonic Metal Band Mutum Releases New Single

¨Centipede¨ is the name of the brand new single of Mexican Symphonic Metal band Mutum. With powerful and intense dynamics thoughout the whole song and a minimalistic video that does not overshadow what is important here: music well-done, this centipede seems to be walking to success.

We had the chance to chat with Myrthala Bray about Centipede and Mutum’s next plans.

¨Centipede is a work inspired by the psychological rhyme of Centipede’s Dilemma, and how sometimes it’s better to let go of some situations instead of holding on to them. As human beings, we have a natural behavior to try to understand and find sense in everything that surrounds us. In this case, is mainly the quest for identity and the realization that in search of an answer you got further away from it.¨

In regards of expecting a new album, we asked if this single is announcing something else, which they replied – We are currently experimenting with a different form of doing things and trying to adapt to new tendencies. So, we have plans on releasing singles, but a full album it’s still not in our plans. Parallel to Mutum, Roy and I are cooking something special for all of you, which we hope we’ll be able to talk about and share with you very soon!

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