Anette Olzon Releases First Single for Upcoming Album

Former Nightwish Singer Announces Next Solo Album with New Single Called ¨Parasite¨

Along with a strong protest message Anette Olzon releases ¨Parasite¨ the first single from her upcoming solo album. Almost as a plot twist from ¨Shine¨ – her first solo album – we can hear a faster, more mature work on this first single, which leads us to believe Anette is leaning towards a heavier sound all together.

¨Strong¨ is the name of this second production, and will be released in September 10, 2021 via Frontiers Music. In her own words Anette describes it as follows: “Parasite is about those who create disaster in this world with their lies, schemes, greed and hate, all the while hiding their intentions behind a respectable facade,” the singer explains. “Living in a world in chaos with the pandemic, crazy politics, violence, social media behaviour and people venting their opinions upon others all the time is the foundation of the lyrics for this album.”

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