Tarja Releases ¨Singing in my Blood¨

Finnish Diva Tarja Turunen Announces the Release of a Photobook.

Being the active singer she is, Finnish singer Tarja Turunen, along with most of the live music industry have been frustrated by the lack of presentations due to COVID – 19 pandemic. She has spoken out giving her posture on her instagram account claiming to the Finnish government to help the music industry during these difficult times; however, we know there’s not much anyone can do at this moment.

Some say inventiveness is the key to survive this hard times, and Mrs. Cabuli knows so. Thus, due to this situation, Tarja put her creativeness in action and printed a book filled with fond memories from her times on stage. All since her childhood to her last presentations.

In her own words ¨In Singing In My Blood I tell my story about making music and share lots of personal photos¨. So, if you’re a fan of this Metal Diva, we invite you to visit www.tarjabook.com to catch the early bird discount, and all the perks of buying it on pre-sale.

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